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These options ONLY apply to proper video forums.
How to add Youtube or Vimeo Videos to your Threads/Post
We have two different options to add youtube videos to most message areas here on the site.

Click on share video under the video on youtube, then click more options, check the box next to "long link", and copy the link from the box and paste it in your post, click submit.

We added a second option to add youtube videos if above fails.

This option requires you to add the URL from your address bar to your post.
But, you will need to highlight the URL with your cursor & click the above the message area.
Doing this will add [YT][/YT] tags around your URL and display the video centered on your post.

To add Vimeo videos to your post, go the, copy the URL of the video you would like to post.
Example URL:
You will need to copy the video ID only. In this example, 14240735 is what you will need to add to your post.
After you add the video ID, highlight the video ID with your cursor & click the doing this will add the [vimeo]14240735[/vimeo] tags around the vimeo video ID. Click submit.

================================================= IMPORTANT!!! is not supported in either, youtube has many URL's for the same video, find the one that will work for you. =================================================

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